About MKF

MekongFlash Travel is a dynamic, people-oriented Vietnamese travel organisation. We specialize in creating customized tours which cannot be arranged without expert knowledge “on the ground”. Unlike many travel companies, we listen to you and tailor your travel around the places and activities YOU want to experience in Indochina.The Indochina region is home to the modern-day countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. While these three nations share common borders and history from the French Colonial period and were all embroiled in the wars of the late 20th century, they each offer an amazingly diverse range of cultures, languages and peoples. With a combined population of almost 100 million, they boast about 90 different ethnic peoples.
The nature of Indochina is as diverse as the peoples. From soaring mountain peaks to the table-top flatness of the coastal deltas; from the open savannah grasslands to the tropical rainforests; from lazy rivers and streams in the delta regions, to fast-flowing torrents in the highlands; from the vast coastlines of Vietnam and Cambodia, to landlocked Laos.Through our affordable custom services, you can take in the natural splendor Indochina has to offer, indulge yourself in luxurious beach-side or cruising relaxation, take to the hills or get on your bike in search of adventure, explore the rich cultural diversity of the peoples or delve into the fascinating, though sometimes troubled, history of the region.With a network of offices throughout the region, you are never far from instant support or assistance. From the remote mountainous highlands of Laos and northwestern Vietnam, to the verdant tropical expanses of the Mekong Delta and westwards to the fascinating countryside of Cambodia and southern Laos. At MekongFlash Travel, we view Client Care as our by-word.
Whatever your passion or purpose, we stand ready to deliver an unforgettable Indochina experience designed just for you, and at a price which will not break the bank!


 International  Tour Operator License: 0722/2007/TCDL-GPLHQT 
issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.