Thanks to Fair Trade, workers at the Inal vineyard in Argentina are now protected from harmful chemicals.

Wine is one of the newest members of the Fair Trade Certified family, and purchasing it is an easy and enjoyable way to feel good about your glass of vino. Fair Trade Certification ensures that grape growers and winery employees in Argentina, Chile and South Africa are paid fairly and that working environments are safe and free from child labor, forced overtime and harassment.
Before Fair Trade, vineyard workers were frequently unknowingly exposed to harmful agro-chemicals, which present various health problems for the workers and for the natural environment. Now, with Fair Trade certification, employees at wineries are provided with protective gear for chemical spraying, and Fair Trade premiums are being used to establish health clinics to ensure the long-term health of community members .
Additionally, housing is now being provided for seasonal workers who previously were forced to camp out on the side of the road during the harvest season, and access to clean water is being improved.
Each purchase of Fair Trade Certified wine contributes to the survival and economic success of the small, family vineyards and wineries that have been farming the land of Argentina and South Africa for many generations, but which are increasingly being pushed out by larger corporations and developments. To these small farmers, Fair Trade represents an opportunity to compete against the commercial operations by providing a high quality product.

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